Curriculum is an important part of the DroneBlocks experience. While the DroneBlocks app is a blank canvas for programming autonomous flight, we also provide in-depth curriculum that guides users through all aspects of responsible drone use. Our curriculum covers safety, regulations, and the real-world applications of drone technology. We offer various courses that demonstrate what can be done with GPS-based drones as well as powerful micro drones such as Tello. For more advanced users we offer a Python course and have a Swift Playground app in beta. If you are a school or organization looking for unlimited access to additional DroneBlocks curriculum, please feel free to contact us.


Advanced DroneBlocks Programming with Tello

We just launched our new advanced DroneBlocks programming course that walks users through writing equations in block code. You’ll also learn all about Tello’s 3D flight capabilities. This course is an extension to our introductory DroneBlocks lessons so make sure you’ve completed those first. You’ll be amazed at what can be done with this little drone and how coding is an important aspect of using drones in the real world.


DroneBlocks Curriculum for DJI GPS Drones

The DroneBlocks introductory course for DJI drones such as Phantom, Mavic, and Spark walks students through increasingly complex lessons that demonstrate how to program these drones for autonomous flight. Students will become familiar with drone safety as well as basic programming concepts that showcase the capabilities of these powerful aircraft.

DroneBlocks Curriculum for Tello

For users that want to learn programming concepts and fly indoors, Tello is an intelligent micro drone that is fully compatible with DroneBlocks. Learn how to use loops and variables to command Tello to perform various tasks. Be sure to check out our challenge missions, which add a fun and interactive component to drone programming.


DroneBlocks Challenge Missions

To extend knowledge of our course curriculum we have an evolving DroneBlocks course of challenge missions. These missions are perfect for a quick lesson or after school program that introduce various aspects of drone programming in a challenge format. These are a fun way to break into teams and compete based on time and accuracy. We will be adding new lessons over time so be sure to enroll and get notified when new challenges are available.

Python Curriculum for Tello

For more advanced learners we offer an interactive video course that teaches students how to use Python with Tello. This course covers the fundamental aspects of user datagram protocol (UDP) to communicate with Tello. UDP communication is essential for being able to control Tello and create autonomous missions with Python code. The course also covers how to execute Python on Raspberry Pi, which is a fun way to introduce students to the power of the Pi platform.


Swift Playground Book for Tello

At DroneBlocks we are advocates of the Swift programming language. Swift is a relatively new language that developers use to write iOS and Mac desktop applications. We are currently beta testing a Swift Playground Book for Tello, which will lead users through Swift syntax directly on iPad. In addition to learning Swift programming, students will learn how to create autonomous missions with Tello. If you would like to help beta test please feel free to contact us