The DroneBlocks App is a drag and drop block programming environment that supports many of the leading DJI drones. The currently supported drones are Phantom 3, Phantom 4, Mavic Pro, Mavic Air, Spark, and Tello. DroneBlocks is a free download and available in the iOS App StoreGoogle Play Store, and Chrome App Store. At this time the Android version only supports Tello. Our team is working hard to add full support for DJI drones in the Android version. Please join our Facebook group to learn more about our progress and connect with users around the world.



Using the DJI SDK, DroneBlocks allows users to tap into the autonomous functionality of their DJI drone. It's easy to get started and with our online curriculum users can learn about many aspects of drone programming and flight. Our goals is not only get students interested in STEM, but teach real-world applications of drone technology. Click here to see the sample mission from the image on the left. Feel free to play with some of the blocks and see how easy it is to start coding.

Drag and drop coding allows users to create their own custom flight logic and algorithms. Many creative solutions have been generated with DroneBlocks. For example, here is a mission that we used to map our high school football stadium. With small modifications to the mission code it is feasible to create your own custom drone maps. The possibilities of autonomous missions are limitless with DroneBlocks. We encourage you to download our free app to discover what you can construct.




One of the most popular features of DroneBlocks is the ability to share autonomous mission code with others. Any mission saved to the DroneBlocks cloud can be shared with anyone using a web browser. Here is an example of a panorama mission that can be easily viewed. This mission can then be launched using the DroneBlocks App for iOS, Android, and Chrome.

With the sharing feature we have had classrooms in China share their code with classrooms in Texas. This is a great way for students across the world to collaborate with each other and participate in the spirit of open source code. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 2.42.03 PM.png



For GPS-based drones such as the Phantom, Mavic Pro, Mavic Air, and Spark, DroneBlocks provides a valuable mission preview feature. This allows users to preview their mission code on a Google Map, and make changes if necessary. The mission preview feature lets users understand if there may be a code bug that sends their drone off course or into an obstruction. It is simple to modify code and preview again.

Mission Preview is also available in a simulated environment. You can experience this by clicking here. Click on the menu icon (three blue lines) and select "Preview Mission". DroneBlocks will ask for your device's location. You can use this as a reference point, also known as the drone's home location, to start constructing and previewing missions.




Just recently we have added support for the new Tello drone which opens up a world of possibilities in the classroom. Tello is a highly intelligent micro drone with vision positioning capabilities. While it does not have GPS it can still travel precise distances using internal sensors. This makes DroneBlocks with Tello the epic solution for STEAM education.

DroneBlocks for iOS, Android, and Chrome all support Tello. Feel free to dive into our curriculum and learn how to program Tello using DroneBlocks and other programming languages. We look forward to having you join us!